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Thread: DAVE AND DALE - Panfish - Feb 10, 2014

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    Default DAVE AND DALE - Panfish - Feb 10, 2014

    Dave Merical and Dale Sanders contacted me about coming down and fishing some ponds. We finally got a date set and after we met we headed out to one of my favorite ponds. We did not take the kayaks or my canoe as I was not sure we would be able to drive in. After walking in I am pretty sure it would have been hard to drive out.

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    It was very fun! Rick is a great host, and it is obvious he is well-liked in town, too!
    Water clarity made fishing difficult. At the first pond, I used a fly Rick had tied using glitter eyelash yarn. Once in the water, it looked amazing. I caught some really nice bluegills and a crappie on it before I lost it to a tree. The tree was hanging over the water, and I was trying to reach beneath it for the crappies. I misjudged the cast. I also caught a couple bass before we left that pond.

    The water clarity was better at the 2nd pond, but still not great...actually very typical of Iowa waters after all the heavy rains we'd had this past Spring. The bluegills in the second pond were some of the healthiest Bluegills I've seen anywhere!

    Here in the FAOL forums we'd had some discussions on how to grow bigger bluegills. After visiting just two of of the ponds Rick helps manage...his technique is definitely working. Hopefully Dale and I can come down again this year and fish with Rick again!
    David Merical
    Ankeny, Iowa

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    Some of the very best friends I have, I met here at FAOL. It's like a confluence where great times and great people come together.
    Where you go is less important than how you take the steps.
    Fish with a Friend,
    Lotech Joe

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    Rick that was a very special day for me. I had read your articles and really wanted to fish with you. The fly/materials swap was a lot of fun also.
    The second pond in town was the best! Lots of big bluegills and crappies. Glad we were able to catch a bunch to help you feed the neighbors.
    Definitely looking forward to doing this again. You were a great host and guide.


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