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Thread: Too Close?

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    Default Too Close?

    I am, by physical mandate, a boat fisherman. I'm wondering if a 12' jon boat with an electric motor would spook the fish if I got close enough to use a Tenkara rod. Any ideas here?
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    I think it has to do with a very slow approach

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    This sort of thing gets discussed a lot in warmwater circles. Sound proof your boat and it will make a big difference in how close you can get with out spooking them. Slow and easy too. I have seen pictures,underwater, of trolling motors running right by large mouth bass with out spooking them so you should be good.

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    I remember somewhere was the statistic that over 80% of fish are caught within 20ft of the boat. So even a short 9ft rod with a 9ft line plus 3ft tippet puts you within range of 80% of the fish.

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    I catch alot of fish with the Tenarka rod while in the canoe.
    More info, rarely cast over 30 feet with a fly rod whiel in the canoe.


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    If you TM is in good shape, should not be a problem.

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    I do not think you need to concern yourself with how close you are to the fish. You should be more concerned with noise spooking your fish. Just line the inside of your boat with something that will keep the noise down. Afterall, many, many years ago people fished with a straight length of pole with about 2 foot of line attached to the end with their lure attached to it and dabbled it into the shore weeds and they caught the fool out of fish. Sound proof the inside of your boat and go fishing.
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