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Thread: Too Close?

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    Default Too Close?

    I am, by physical mandate, a boat fisherman. I'm wondering if a 12' jon boat with an electric motor would spook the fish if I got close enough to use a Tenkara rod. Any ideas here?
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    I think it has to do with a very slow approach

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    This sort of thing gets discussed a lot in warmwater circles. Sound proof your boat and it will make a big difference in how close you can get with out spooking them. Slow and easy too. I have seen pictures,underwater, of trolling motors running right by large mouth bass with out spooking them so you should be good.

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    I remember somewhere was the statistic that over 80% of fish are caught within 20ft of the boat. So even a short 9ft rod with a 9ft line plus 3ft tippet puts you within range of 80% of the fish.

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    I catch alot of fish with the Tenarka rod while in the canoe.
    More info, rarely cast over 30 feet with a fly rod whiel in the canoe.


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    If you TM is in good shape, should not be a problem.

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