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Thread: IS YOUR FLY FISHING BORING? - Ladyfisher - Jan 27, 2014

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    Default IS YOUR FLY FISHING BORING? - Ladyfisher - Jan 27, 2014

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    One of the marvels of nature is that it is always changing and evolving. There are animals, plants, insects which are all still changing. In the grand scheme of things I suppose we are still evolving too. Maybe in some future generation we will have all the needed computer and tecky knowledge already 'built' in. Someone has already suggested a sort of mental cell-phone to be implanted at birth.

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    good article....i myself, try to keep it simple...

    old-stlye wets, simplistic streamers (meaning nutrual toned feathers and dubbing)...

    I also prefer using mallard flank for wings....

    keeping it simple like that does save me alot of money when i tie....

    Fly-fishing>>>the only ADDICTION I never want to lose !!!

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