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thanks for all the great input. the reason i asked the question to begin with is i am having a lot of trouble with knot strength and slippage with 5x fluoro tippet material and was thinking that maybe going with 4 lb test fluorocarbon fishing line might help. My main concern was a visibility issue between 4lb test fluoro and 5x tippet material.

after reading all the answers im not sure their is much of a difference so ill try the fluoro fishing line. it kinda aggrevates me paying $10.00 for 30 yds of line that breaks.

thanks again guys
Great info from Silver as usual.

I really like fluoro for nymph fishing due to it's abrasion resistance and lack of water absorption. In my mind, these properties give fluoro a better "effective fishing strength" than mono. That is the strength of fluoro doesn't degrade while nymph fishing where mono degrades due abrasions and water absorption.

FWIW, I bought a 200 yard spool of premium fluorocarbon spin fishing line (Seaguar Invisix) in January and have been using it for all of my nymph fishing this year. It cost me about $20 for 200 yards or about 1/4 the price of premium fluoro tippet. Its about a 4.5X and seems a little stronger to me than the 5X fluorocarbon tippet I was using previously. After 9 months of heavy usage, I haven't noticed any deficiencies or reductions in my catch rate, but my spool was getting low, so I bought another spool this week.