Here are some saltwater flies that I bought for a trip to Australia that was never used that I'm letting. These are professionally tied flies that I had bought directly from the production company for an extended saltwater trip that did not happened. These flies were never used and had never been taken out of its package.

The DNA Holo Fusion Sprats are built to last. They are an excellent bait-fish pattern in the surf for GTs, Stripped Bass, Bluefish and Snapper. All these flies are professionally tied on Mustad Ultrapoint Hoodlum 10827 saltwater fly hooks. They come in packs of 6 flies in size 2/0 and 1/0.

This unique DNA Holo Fusion fibre flash blend has a gel-like translucence, providing your flies with just the right amount of shimmer and movement in the water. Great for tying many fresh- or saltwater flies, Holo Fusion can be incorporated in a fly with other materials or used all on its own. The lifelike glimmer it provides will increase the success of even your most tried-and-true patterns.

The 2 colors available are Smoke-Pink Mullet and Grey Mullet

Prices for a pack of 6 flies of each size/color for the Sprats are as follow :
$12 for 1/0
$15 for 2/0
plus shipping ($6 to anywhere in the US via Registered Air Mail).

Please send me an email at or send private message if interested. Thanks for looking.