It's that time of the year folks. I got some mail from the web man today, asking if I was going to start this up coming thread. Here it is folks.
We once again will be doing the PA fish-in at Waterville, PA. This is the 11th year ta we have run this and we not seeing anything slow us down. Faces change but we still have the same theme.....FISH!!!! I took a toll last year of the folks that show up and we have 2 original guys still with us from the first time we ran this. That would be me and flyman 3--also known as UNCLE ED. One other member, Ron, I think came over for a da to fish with the crew that first year and he's also been with us and has yet to miss a year.
We will running at the same location as we had the last two years with a farm house in Waterville. The first day will be the day after memorial day (Tuesday) and we will leave on Sunday.
We also have something else planned for tat weekend and that will be if anyone is just interested in coming up and do some camping at the house, we will be offering a Fri- sun camping fee--with meals, for anyone interested in coming up but just don't have the time to spend the whole week.
We also are in the planning stages of having a few tables to do swap meet and A FISHING ROD CLAVE during that Saturday. This is still in the works and more information will be forth coming. I'd like to offer some graphite, glass, and boo rods for casting and demonstration. Again, this is in the works. The back of this farm house butts directly up against the Pine creek, so we will have lots of water to try the rods out.