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Thread: BE IT RESOLVED - Neil - Jan 13,2014

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    Default BE IT RESOLVED - Neil - Jan 13,2014

    WOW, it's already 2014. The earth has made another complete circle around the sun and those of us on this tiny astronomical dust speck are preparing to start another year. Many people use this event to resolve to make some changes in the way they live their lives. Unfortunately most of those resolutions are soon forgotten; however I hope that some of my readers will consider some of the following resolutions. I think they may change and enhance your enjoyment of fly fishing.

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    Well stated.


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    Sometimes we just need to be reminded .... a great article Neil

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    You're right on, Neil.

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    Hey! I'll chime in here with 2 thumbs up for that read, well said ..
    "Because by the Grace of God I can, be on a beautiful mountain stream with a friend , have the water boil from a 12" Native Brookie taking a self tyed dry,and feel it on the end of my cane... It don't get no better than that..."

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    I truly enjoyed the article and believe that if all folks on the stream embraced this ideal, we would all have a better experience! I would only add that one should relish the success of other fisher folk on the water, not just your immediate fishing partners. I love to see folks "hooked up" with bent rods; especially our youth. I always try to extend all the encouragement I can to newbies in our sport at any age. It is far to easy to view weekend warriors, and tyros as nothing more than a 'nuisance', who are recklessly wasting our favorite hole, or just plain in our way of having a 'good' fishing day. We would be better off to simply mind our business, and reflect upon those times when, in our early fly fishing predicament, someone gave us a nod, or a 'pass' to fish a hole which allowed us success for a day! It is one thing to selfishly enjoy our time on the water, but entirely another thing to be selfish, and infringe upon the enjoyment of others!

    US Veteran and concerned citizen

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