Len, sorry to hear of your situation. Four years ago I embarked upon a path that was both painful and permanently disabling. I have had 2 back surgeries that resulted in neuropathy in both feet resulting in my spraining my left ankle so bad that I had to have reconstructive surgery - well, six surgeries later it is fused and my leg is an inch shorter than when I started. In the middle of all that I had a hip replaced. I looked upon a bleak future with the strong possibility of little or no fishing. I was wrong. I still fish in excess of 50 days a year (about half of what I did prior to the problems), but I am still on the water at least once a week.

Though my mother is not a religious person she tells me often of her favorite scripture "...and it came to pass", meaning it did not come to stay. I have strong faith in that statement as it feels like I have been through some pretty tough times and have rebounded; perhaps not to the level as before it all happened, but at least I am happy in what I can do.

You will be back on the water before you know it. I was fishing a new stillwater out of my pontoon boat two weeks after I had my hip replaced, and I caught some good fish and reveled in being back out in the country I love, doing what I love to do so much. I know your passion and am absolutely confident you will be back on the water before you know it.

Get a good walking/wading staff and get back out there. The activity will be good for your new knee and your spirit will be in a good place too.

How's this for dedication?:

Go get 'em brother!