News from the Atlantic Salmon Federation

A Gift to Help Fly Fishing Survive
No better time than Christmas to consider giving a membership to help wild salmon and fly fishing itself survive. Read more

Pro-Aquaculture Scientist will Examine Issue of Sustainability Surrounding Open Net-Pen Salmon Farming
A Dalhousie professor is dismissing concerns about aquaculture at the same time as he begins a five-year study of fish farming. ASF provided views on the problem with the approach in this Globe & Mail article.

Telling It Like It Is
An eye-opening new Facebook Page is providing startling images of how things can go wrong in south coast Newfoundland open net-pen seafarms. It is also rapidly
gaining members as a place to discuss salmon farm issues. Check out an interview ? and read instructions on how to view the page.

Double Production?
Newfoundland says it wants to double production of farmed salmon. Check it out.

Comment Period Extended on NL Aquaculture Consultation to Friday
The NL government has decided to extend the period for comments to this Friday, as some people were not able to have their pdf forms accepted by the system before the deadline. Read more.

The Snow May be Flying ? But ASF Researchers Are Hard at Work
Check out the latest update on ASF?s Research activities as activity moves into the cold season.