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    Default Split-thread softhackle SBS

    Another way to use those big feathers for soft hackles.

    tied here on a basic Pheasant Tail

    this feather would be perfect for a #8 but I'm interested in something more like a #18

    insert the barbs in clip (extend about shank length); Petijean's is a nice tool, and makes it easy to show the process in photos, but any clip will do the job

    trim the butt ends close, but leave enough to grab with the thread

    split thread (UTC 70 used here)

    insert clip

    slide thread down till it captures the barbs and release clip

    spin bobbin to lock in feather barbs

    wet fingers, stroke fibers back while wrapping "hackle"

    half hitch, SHHAN

    Craig Mathews has put together excellent instructions using oversize feathers, but for the life of me, I can't spin one like Mathews. Using the split-thread really doesn't take much longer and I've found it produces consistent results for me; YMMV.

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