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Hi Jeff, they are fantastic fun, but the ones that hang around this spot are mostly around 50 to 60cm long so not legal.
The ones we catch from the channel markers are a bit bigger, but harder to get as well! Last time out I think we got 7 and only one was legal, but we did not keep any, I like to let them go if possible.
I am thinking of going for a fish at Point Chev this Friday if you fancy it? you will need a #6 or #7 and can expect to catch small Snapper and Kahawai.
All the best.
Hi Mike,

50 to 60 sounds perfect for the fly rod though. Kingies put up such a massive fight. Would love to join you at Point Chev, but unfortunately one of my PhD students is handing me a draft of his thesis tomorrow and I have to get feedback to him quickly. He wants to hand in soon, so it's down to the crunch. This is just the first draft I'll be seeing, so hard to say how much work it will need. He is very clever, and his work is solid, so the main job will be making sure that is obvious to a reader who doesn't know him. So, it looks like my day and weekend will be nose deep in a 200+ page thesis. Fun stuff.

- Jeff