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Thread: 2014 Beginner's Fly Swaps

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    Default 2014 Beginner's Fly Swaps

    I opened the 2014 Beginner's Fly Swaps in October, with the first swaps to start on Noveber 1st...

    It was not untill December that I started to receive emails asking to join these swaps...

    I finally got my 10th member on January 5th 2014...

    This year we are doing only four swaps, the Terrestrial Swap has been scrubed...

    If the member wish to do the fifth terrestrial swap in the month of May, I be willing to host it as swapmeister...

    Next year I hope that those interested in the Beginner's Swaps, sign up in October, so I can get this swap up and running on sedudule...

    At the moment I am set to be swapmeister of four swaps...

    Member #1 Ven Yann
    Member #2 Dewayne Reding
    Member #3 Dan Nessling
    Member #4 John Schepp
    Member #5 John Murray
    Member #6 Al Gustaveson
    Member #7 Allen G. Morgan
    Member #8 Wayne Cook
    Member #9 Tom L. Julian
    Member #10 Collin Azinger

    Al Campbell was my mentor, and I do these Beginner's Swaps in rememberance of my mentor...

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    Hosting these beginner's fly tying swaps is time consuming and costly on your behalf and I am proud of you for doing these, but, not as proud as I am sure Al is!

    Thank you.....
    Fly fishing and fly tying are two things that I do, and when I am doing them, they are the only 2 things I think about. They clear my mind.

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    Thank You for the up date. I have started doing my soft hackle fly's. Hope to have them (12) done and sent to you before next week-end.

    Wayne Cook

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