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Thread: Flies for Char?

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    Default Flies for Char?

    A couple of friends and I have booked a week in northern Canada chasing arctic
    char with fly rods this summer.

    Please, what flies have you found to be successful with arctic char ?

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    I have only fished for them in Alaskan rivers that had an active salmon run at the time. Egg patterns were the fly of choice at that time.

    They have a reputation of not being very selective. If you have a decent assortment of standard patterns, such as hare's ears, prince nymphs, pheasant tails in size 10-14, some wooly buggers and some Adam's dries, I am sure you will catch plenty.


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    From the bit I've read, they're not too picky. I'd take some simple bucktail streamers (silver body/bright wing), Clousers (to get down deeper), Deceivers, etc. I sure hope you post some pics; always wanted to fish for them ever since reading about the Tree River in Field and Stream back in the 60's.


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    The Tree River Lodge list some flies for Arctic Char


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    Go with Micky Finns, Black Ghost, and Cossebooms, for streamers, some royal coachman, parmachene belle, invicta, and bloody butchers for wet flies, some simple and basic dry flies (say, elk/deer hair caddis, coch-y-bondu, and white wulf, and toss in a few stimulators), and finally gold ribbed hare's ear and phesant tail nymphs. Wooly buggers are always good too. That should do you well. The Micky Finns and P.Belle's will take a decent number for you.

    - Jeff
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