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    Lest we forget, a mirror reflects light and reflects UV light. Therefore any silver reflective tinsel will reflect into the UV range and in fact they also reflect into the infrared range. That is why the "space blankets" have a reflective inner and sometimes outer surface to reflect body heat back to the user or away from the user.

    So reflective tinsel, silver wire, etc reflects UV.

    A prism refracts UV. That is why we get the visible light spectrum that we all know as ROYGBIV (red-orange-yellow-green-blue-indigo-violet). Above the violet is Ultraviolet and below the red is Infrared that also gets refracted but we cannot see. So refractive materials also will split off UV so just a looking a a rotating prism ill look various colors, moving fly with prismatic materials will seem to change into various colors including UV.

    If the reflections or refractions occur BELOW the depths that visible light penetrates but UV still does, these reflective and refractive materials will look UV colored. And they will look reflect/refract the IDENTICAL UV SPECTRUM. UV materials have been used in flies from very early on.

    The second point about UVR materials is that they cannot create UV. They cannot reflect more UV light than is available. So a material that is highly reflective will reflect more UV that one that is not.

    The third point is regardless of how much UV or which spectrum of UV is reflective, how do we know how to dress our flies with this material so that it matches the natural. If anyone can answer that question, I would appreciate it since it is the Rosetta Stone of determining what UV material to use and how to use it. Right now UV materials are used as attractants and not as matching the hatch BUT they are being sold to the public as if they match the hatch.

    I have no doubt that in some circumstances UV will catch more fish but let us not fool ourselves into thinking that it is because we are somehow matching the UV reflection of a food item. If they work , they do so by attraction just like the Purple Haze Fly Craze a couple of years ago or a Royal Wulff.
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