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    Here I sit at my kitchen table. I am recuperating from back surgery. I had L4/L5 fused together. The surgery was required due to my back wearing out. It wasn't from some childhood injury or a car accident. It easily could have been from a myriad of bad choices or simply not thinking as a kid and young adult.

    This story was prompted by watching an episode of "Ridiculousness" last night with my daughter and wife. For those of you that don?t know the show, it is a conglomerate of videos from You tube of absolutely idiotic and dangerous things folks have taped and placed on the internet. Many of the people in the show have to have been seriously injured but the show's editors chose to leave that out.

    My youth was one non-stop episode from this television show. I was from a family of 6 kids. Being the only male my mother worried less about me. My father died when I was 10 years old and I was basically without adult supervision from age 10 until I was 20 years old and went in the Army.

    Some of my less than stellar decisions as a kid I blame on stupidity and others I rack up to "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger." If there are any kids reading this story please heed my tales of misfortune and don't try to repeat them.

    I am going to begin my wayward trek with just a plain and simple accident. It was the first day the swimming pool was open in Gays Mills. I guess June 14th 1968 as the day. It was a day after my birthday and I was on the way to the pool sporting a new huge bath towel and my blinged out new Green Bay Packers flip flops.

    The spring floods had shifted the small bridge at the base of the hill just before the pool and there was not a route up the hill without wading across the small creek. I didn't want to dirty my new packer flip flops before I could show them off at the pool. I decided I would crawl up on the rail and balance on it and walk across and jump off the rail at the end to avoid the water. It all worked out as planned. I made one mighty jump at the end to clear the water. I stuck the landing. I was a little proud of myself for the feat.

    Off I went to the pool. I took one step forward with my left foot and tried an accompanying right step but my right foot wouldn't move. It was like it was cemented to the ground. I knelt forward to examine what was going on.

    I saw a sharp thing protruding from the center of the top of my right foot. I tipped my foot to the side and then the pain hit me. I had jumped off that rail on top of another piece of 2X4 that was about 4 feet long. The board had a giant nail in it and it was now completely through my entire foot. My first impulse was to try to pull it off but that wasn't happening. No one was at the pool. I wanted to be first there and was way early.

    I limped home 12 blocks with that board welded to my foot. A fast trip to the ER and a tetanus shot I was good to go. My new flip flops had to be cut off to extract the nail and my new beach towel was a mess due to bleeding all 12 blocks home. The horror stories keep on rolling throughout my youth.
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