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    Default Anybody use Tyvek

    While perusing the internet in search of fly fishing knowledge to help me escape the snow and frozen water that comes with winter, I have seen that a couple of people use Tyvek as tying material but have not seen much to explain how it's used or any flies where the material would be a superior choice to traditional materials. I have recently started a new job as a salesman for a lumber company and I have nearly unlimited access to all the Tyvek I could ever want at zero cost. I've only been tying for a couple of years and I'm not yet inventive enough or knowledgeable enough to come up with anything on my own other than wings. I do imagine it would make good wings as it is durable, light weight, and water-proof.

    Do any of you use Tyvek for any of your flies? What applications would it work well in?

    If there are any of you out there who would like to experiment or share knowledge, I would be plenty happy to send pieces as well.

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    works great when you cut into small pieces and use a wing burner to make stonefly wing cases

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    I used to use very thin Tyvec strips, 1/16 inch or so, as an underbody for large light colored flies. For example, the underbody of a large Coffin Fly spinner had the underbody of Tyvec and then I dubbed the body over it. This was not an idea of my own. This was what Al Caucci had us do with his March Browns, Potamantus, Hex's, and a few others. As far as price - anyone can get the stuff for free at the local post office. The 'soft' Priority envelope will yield a lifetime supply based on how we used the material. Other uses may require more materials. Hope this helps.


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    Some time ago I got hold of some very thin close cell foam bonded to Tyvek. I use it for these.


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    My personal recollection is that the tyvek craze came in the early 90's and that the most popular use was as catfish adult wings. Sort of in the John Betts' style of his Zing Wing caddis flies.

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    Anyone can get tyvek free at the US post office. They use it for Priority mail envelopes. Turn it inside out.

    You can use plain white tyvek as the replacement for biots on prince nymphs or color it for nymph wing cases.



    You can also make stuff sacks with these bags.



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    Works great for wings, which you've figured out.

    Works well for wing cases where you want the underlying materials to show through just a little.

    I like it as an overwrap on flashy bodies where you want to be a little more subtle.

    You can color it with permanent markers and use it for carapaces on crawfish or shrimp patterns.

    Colored and cut into thin strips, it makes nice wrapped bodies on larger flies/streamers.

    It's ideal for simple midges, all you need is a thin strip of Tyvek and some markers. Use clear sewing thread, tie in and wrap the Tyvek to make the body, rib with the clear thread, tie off. A quick swipe up the back with a marker in your choice of color (Yellow and chartreuse are my favorites), a dab of dark brown or black for the head, and you have a very effective midge. In sizes 20-24 I've done well on tailwater streams like the San Juan in New Mexico.

    Take a bunch of thin strips of the stuff, mix in some Krystal Flash, and it makes a very interesting tail for top water poppers.

    Cut into a curl, it makes 'twister tails' for bass/panfish flies.

    I'm sure others have additional uses for it.

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    Pat Dorsey ties his stonefly with it and markers. Neat looking fly, but a time consuming fly to tie.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Buddy Sanders View Post
    Works well for wing cases where you want the underlying materials to show through just a little.
    You can color it with permanent markers ...
    It is great for wingcases, especially on stoneflies with the multi-folded wingcases. As mentioned you can colour it with permanent markers to match your nympyhs.

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