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Thread: winter flyline storage

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    Default winter flyline storage

    in Southwest Michigan It's froze up
    what's a good way to store lines over the winner were talking some twenty four different lines?

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    I just leave mine on the reels or wind them back on the plastic cassette they came on.No need to do anything else.Some guys do more elaborate measures but ive been doing it this way all my life.

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    I'm with Skip.

    Leave it on the reel. Clean it if you want to. I'd keep it someplace where it don't freeze, just in case.

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    Modern fly lines are more plastic than anything else; heat, hydrocarbon fumes and UV light seems to b the main enemies of most plastics.
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    I keep a few on reels that I will use for practice casting on warm days but for the most part I pull them off the reels and clean and dress if needed. Then I gather each line into large (approx. 18 in. dia.) loops, secure with a twisted pipe cleaner, and drape over coat hangers to hang indoors. All of this I recognize as unnecessary but more of a ritual and insurance the lines will start the season clean. In fact sitting in a cold garage for the winter would be a lot better for them than spending the summer there due to the heat. I'll keep any lines I want to use in the winter on reels indoors so they at least start a practice session somewhat warm.

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