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    Default January SOTM

    OK. According to the roster, I get to start things off for the year, so here goes....

    Flies for this month have to have as the main ingredient, a non-fly tying material. Just normal household stuff. Rubber bands, guitar strings, rubber sandals, Gorilla Glue, Hot Glue, pet hair, pet bird feathers (as long they have not been plucked....), leather, knitting yarn, etc...Foam and Craft Fur is OK as long as it came from Walmart, or similar place, and not Cabelas, etc... Doll eyes are also OK, as long as they came from Hobby Lobby, or other non-fly-tying source. Bucktails are fine as long as you didn't buy them. Likewise with rabbit fur, Deer Body Hair, etc....As long as you harvested it, it is OK. You can use feathers and other traditional material for secondary parts, like hackle, as long as the main part of the fly is a non-traditional material. Just ask yourself, "What if I really needed a fly, but I didn't have access to a fly-tying supply store?"

    Of course,this will be on the Honor System, but knowing the group like I do, I'm sure this won't be a problem. I am curious to see what we all come up with.

    Standard rules...Flies due by Jan 31, with toe tags, and return shipping.

    1. Gigmaster-Haute Fur Bugger (tied)
    2. Captain Mortis-String Grub (received)
    3. Rick Z-Bead-Head Kitty Nymph (received)
    4. jwb1977-(received)
    5. sjo-Caddis Nymph (received)
    6. Bob9-Sand Caddis (received)
    7. gmac209-Catatonic Mayfly (received)
    8. billhouk-Chromitid Midge (received)
    9. Icemanxxxv-Foam Quick Tie Frog (received)
    10. CharlainC-Recycled Brassies (received)
    11. RexW-Psychedelic Chernobyl Ant (recieved)
    12. Fontinalis-Dental Floss Soft-Hackle
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