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No worries guys, I didn't think you said anything questionable. I am proud to be an elitist...LOL But I plan on giving it new meaning. I use high end gear because I can. If I couldn't afford it I would still fish, so it isn't so much the tool, but the person (which in some cases is also a tool..JOKING) More important, screw the cost, use what feels right, and that means if its $25. or $800. Don't put someone down because it is cheap, just like don't put them down because it is expensive.
I agree and WANT to believe that most folks using high dollar equipment are doing it because they are good enough anglers to take advantage of the tiny nuances that the highest end gear provide... However, I have experienced more often than not, so-called anglers kitted out in very high-end equipment, who seem to want deference from other fishermen simply because they "bought their way in". The worst examples I have personally encountered also included the arrogance and entitlement-attitude of guides. I have been seriously crowded and actually TOLD (ha ha ha!) to move from my spot on 100% public access water so the guide (and I use the term loosely) can put his paying client in my spot. Those along with many other examples .... I don't begrudge anyone using top-end equipment and wouldn't put them down because of it, but when it is painfully obvious they have spent money solely in an attempt to project an image, and they can't back it up with skill, it is silly at best - downright inconsiderate at worst.

I will never forget a scene on the Yellow Breeches a few years ago NOT in the FF only section - Two guys who obviously just burned up their credit cards - top end Simms waders and boots (matching, by the way), vests bulging with stuff, Hardy reels, top end Sage rods, all the crap anyone could want, and a kid with a spincast outfit from God-knows when, a sinker of about 3/4 ounce, a big old hook and a can of corn. The kid was catching and releasing trout after trout (doing it well too, pliers, not taking the fish out of the water) and the two goons couldn't buy a hit on either side of him. They kept crowding him more and more, and finally waded RIGHT in front of him- ruining it for the kid. And me. I had words with both of them, and they were two of the biggest douchebags I've ever had the displeasure of meeting- actually told me how the YB is a famous fly fishing stream and they didn't care about some kid using corn, they traveled here to fish it, blah blah blah.

I know that is an extreme example. I didn't see anyone else crowd out or run the kid off... just the expensive dumbasses.