We've had 2 snowfalls so far this winter that were big enough that I needed to use my snowblower, and another smaller snowfall is forecast for today. I don't mind being out in that kind of weather, and actually kind of look forward to it, properly dressed in my fishing attire!

A couple of years ago, I retired an old pair of Simms breathable waders from wading duty, after they developed more pin holes than I seemed to be able to find and patch. However, rather than throwing them out when I bought a new pair to replace them, I simply cut off the feet, and now use them as breathable, waterproof pants whenever I'm out in the winter shoveling snow. They are easy to get on and off, and I can wear them as pants, tucked into my regular insulated winter boots.

With a lightweight pair of long johns under them, they are wonderful. My legs don't get cold or wet, and no amount of cold wind effects my lower body.

If I'm going to be out for an extended time, or if it is snowing quite a bit, I often will also wear my fishing rain jacket - mine is a Patagonia SST model - the short one with a hood, designed to be worn with waders. So, that keeps be totally dry and warm, including keeping the cold wind off my neck when I put the hood up. I often also wear the same very lightweight, quilted jackets under the raincoat that I often wear for fishing on those cold summer or fall days, together with my Simms fingerless gloved mittens.

So, even when I'm not fishing, I can dress like I'm going fishing, and think about fishing even when I'm shoveling snow on the coldest days of winter.

So, don't throw out those old waders when you retire them from their intended primary purpose, or hang your other fishing gear in the closet during the winter. Put them into winter service when needed. You might be surprised how well they work for that purpose.