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Thread: OT: Most Embarrassing Memory Of My Life

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    That was a very funny story and very well told. I have a somewhat less impactful yet embarrassing story that I will share. I was working in a large office building for a major company. There were about 800 people in the building mainly; men as it was computer programming and IT support. When one of my female colleagues called me on the phone frantically asking me to come to her cube to get rid of a mouse, I happily offered to help. I found the mouse under her desk and it ran into her new leather portfolio briefcase. I picked up the case and told her I would take care of the mouse. I went into the men's room which had four stalls and a number of urinals and as usual there were a number of guys in there using the facilities, washing hands etc. Without thinking, I went into the second stall, closed the door and plopped the mouse into the toilet and flushed it. In about 2 seconds, the mouse popped back up and was paddling around so I said "Stay down there you little S&#T. This happened three times and I repeated that somewhat unfortunate phrase each time until I noticed that the men's room had gone dead silent. I thought about how my statement must have sounded to the other guys in the men's room, none of which I knew. They must have figured that some guy had finally lost it and started talking to his turds. I waited in the stall for about 10 minutes to let the men's room empty out and then I eased my way out hoping to avoid anyone who had heard me. There were three guys pretending to read the bulletin board outside the men's room, but I knew that they were waiting to see the "Turd Whisperer". Not the greatest moment in my career.

    Jim Smith
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