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Thread: CCW and YOUR fishing "experiences".

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    Default CCW and YOUR fishing "experiences".

    I happen to reside in the MOST RESTRICTIVE ( last to recognize a citizen's RIGHT) gun rights state in the union, ILLinois. Just recently, we have been "allowed" to protect ours and ourselves with the ability to carry concealed weapons. "That being said" the recent forced ( by Supreme Court decision) imposition of this right upon our legislators has caused some of "them" to seek all sorts of incidents/scenarios , TO NO AVAIL, to pose objections to and challenge that decision.
    I have applied for and WILL exercise this right, but that is not my main objective. In the last three years, open carry of firearms has been allowed ( with a healthy dose of COMMON SENSE) in our National Parks. I personally have had TWO very near ( underwear changing caliber) bear experiences in Grand Teton and Y'Stone National parks. At both of those incidents I had only my flyrod and a 2nd (NIdon) degree black belt in Judo as my protection. I could have nailed him with an Uchi Mata but that would have required a much closer and TOTALLY uninteresting to me confrontation. I am NOT a
    "walk 100 yds from my car" fisherman and thereby tend to wander many miles into possibly dangerous areas where a "meeting" can and has occured. And because it is now perfectly legal , I carry my S&W 44 MAG and a large canister of UDAP not TOTALLY depending on either singularly but as a combo JUST IN CASE.
    I have posted on this subject before and ruffled some feathers but since there are new folks herein,I post it again. If/ when you wander into "possible" confrontation territory, what precautions do you excercise ?? ( OR theoretically, if you were in those territories, how would you protect yourself?)

    PS: John, TF, let it run :>)
    THAT being said, I'd rather be in Wyoming.

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    We don't have griz around here. Well there are some in the North Cascades but I rarely get into their territory. We do have black bear and I will frequent their territory on a regular basis. I have a conceal carry permit but prefer to wear a side arm on my hip in full view. I have nothing to hide. My side arm of choice is usually a stainless .357 magnum with a ported barrel. I like this gun because of the ported barrel it is very loud and I will use it to "scare" blackie away. If a discharge of the weapon doesn't scare him then the "57" has enough snot to drop a black bear. I also like the stainless wheel gun because I can drop it into the mud, rinse it off in the river and start shooting. My second weapon of choice to carry when venturing into the back country is a Kimber 1911.
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    I've always carried my .357 whenever in the back country. Bears are main threat, but people can get wonky when away from it all as well. I find an openly carried handgun to be a source of comfort to me and a gentle warning to anyone with evil intent.

    I like bears, and I hate to kill anything I don't have too, but I'm not going to allow one to damage me in any way. I'm not interested in 'learning' how to avoid confrontations, or how to keep from 'antagonizing' the bear. I walk where I will, fish where it's legal, and keep my eyes open. I've had to fire two warning shots to keep black bears from venturing too close. They have always ran away at that point.

    Personal choice here, of course. I know several fishermen that never carry a firearm anywhere.

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    In CA anyone can carry, concealed or open when fishing, unless local ordinances forbid it. That said, I only have a .22, and have never seen a bear or any sign of it. the .22 would not help, in any case.

    Also, from what I have read, a charging bear is a tough shot with a pistol, and I would not want to make a near-kill and **** him off.

    but I will still probably carry my new pistol for snakes...
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    Most placed I fish, danger really isn't much of a concern. When in a new area where there may be mountain lions or bears, or sketchy folks, I always have something along. Whether a .22 or .45, something is better than nothing.
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    Uh....how about bear spray?

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    Actually, a .22 can be very effective when encountering a bear. Simply turn, shoot your partner in the knee, and run like hell. Works for me...

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