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    It has been some time since I have posted here. I have stopped in from time to time to see what is happening. Over the past year many things have changed in my life. A kind of moving away from fly fishing has been taking place in the past few years. My only real fly fishing goal nowis to help re-establish the spring CnR steelhead season on the Skagit River. Which really isn't a fly fishing goal as much as it is a part of a bucket listing. One of the things I want to do before I leave this earth is to catch another Skagit spring run steelhead.

    Which brings me to part two of my return post. In the past couple of months I have had two major surgeries and one minor one as a result of acquiring a couple of brain tumors. The largest, about the size of a golf ball was removed surgically and two smaller ones blasted with radiation via Gamma Knife. The thing about brain tumors is they usually migrate there from someplace else so some serious testing was done and it was discovered I have stage IV lung cancer. Damn, and I quit smoking some 17 years ago just to prevent this. They found two tumors in my lungs and there are a couple of nymph nodes which the cancer has spread to also. Prognosis is decent and I am a good candidate for chemo. I have been in chemo for a few weeks now and so far the only side effects have been some insomnia. Doctors continue to be optimistic I will respond well to chemo treatments. I will also need to have MRIs on my brain every two to three months to catch further tumors early and zap them with the Gamma Knife.

    All of this is likely to cause me to retire early ,damn. Even dark clouds have some silver in them. We are in the process of finishing up refinancing our house and tiding up some other financial things to allow me to "retire". After retirement I will continue to work on projects regarding the Skagit River and its steelhead. I will be broadening that work to include Searun Cutthroat. I will also be spending more time on my photography with a focus on the Skagit River and northwest Washington.

    Look forward to participating a little more on the board.

    Have a very Merry Christmas


    PS; a picture for you...
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