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Thread: Rod Moment (perhaps this should read Movement) Of Inerta Measurements Article

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    While Tom's article does not directly address the fact that two rods of the same weight and length can have much different feelings of tip heavy-ness, the balance point distance up the rod blank from the butt cap end will indicate which rod will feel the most tip heavy. The closer to the but cap bottom end of the rod the balance point is (and this is irrespective of the rod's relative weights within reason), the lighter the rod will feel in your hand. Some, at least one rod make that I know of for sure, rods are artificially weighted in the manufacturing process to give them a lighter feeling in your hand, even though the weighted rod will be heavier in over all rod weight than an unweighted rod that will feel more tip heavy in your hand. And guess what? The lighter weight rod will turn out to be more tiring to fish over a long period of time as well, so over all rod weight in and of itself does not automatically predict which rods will prove to be the most tiring to fish.
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