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    Gents et al.
    Myself,having stated in many previous posts that I merely choose to flyfish and/but do NOT consider myself a "flyfisherman" ( with all the implied "baggage :>), My curiosity urges me to pose THIS question. Speaking for myself, I'm a "very" casual member of TU, I've had dinner with someone who, at least, owns a flyrod , maybe ONCE in the last year. I've had perhaps 20 occasions in the last year to utter the word "flyfish" in ANY of my conversations . In short, I LOVE to flyfish, and do none other, no less than the the most dedicated of y'all BUT, it's not my alpha/omega of interset nor is it of most of my friends.
    My question therefore is: Of all who contribute, post and lurk here , how many of y'all are "all in" or to what degree ARE you "in"?

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    THAT being said, I'd rather be in Wyoming.

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