Tuesday evening a "Virus Scan" window popped up. It looked like a ligit scan and reported several "Threats" to my pc. Yeah, right!! I'll take care of it later. When I closed it and tried to open my home page a warning came up telling me I had "Threats" to remove! I closed that and the "Virus Scan" window popped back up! This "Window" offers you the chance to buy the "Anti Virus" program to clean your pc. You can close that but when you try to open anything else it starts all over again!! So, out of frustration you decide to "Buy the Protection"! Yep! You have now given your Credit Card info to some low life scammer somewhere in some 3rd world country!! Oh yeah, it doesn't go away even then and you have to take your pc/lap top to the pc doctor.
I guess this thing has been around for a long time and may be what they call a "Drive By" as it attaches it's self to random web sites and should you click on that site when it's there it get's ya. Just don't do anything but take your baby to the Doctor for surgery!!