No luck.

I visited the river three times, twice with a fly rod. Thursday morning was warm and humid, water temperature was 46F. The minnows were very active, and one fish broke the surface in a large pool, may have been a sunfish. The minnows assualted my strike indicator repeatedly. I spent about an hour and covered about 200 yards of water, including 3 promising pools.

Thursday afternoon I had only time for about 3 casts. The water temperature was 49F, skies were overcast.

Thursday night I went down briefly after dark with a flashlight, but no fly rod or thermometer. Minnows were resting along the bank in shallow, still water. One fish about 8" long was in slightly deeper water and stationary, I couldn't identify it, it might have been a chub. A number of small bugs were swarming around my light, and there were wolf spiders all over the ground.

Friday I went to a different stream, but with similar size and species present. The water temperature was up to 52F and the water was getting murky from intermittent showers. There was lots of leaves and debris in the water, but visibility was still about 2 feet. It was about midday, and I only had about 20 minutes. I spent all of my time on one pool. No signs of fish.

The temperature is supposed to make a long slide from Friday afternoon about 70F to Sunday morning about 29F, with Saturday's high happening at midnight Friday night. There will also be rain, snow, sleet, and freezing rain during that time. I'll probably try again at the next warm-up, maybe hit some different pools.