The weather has cut into my fishing so I have been exploring fly patterns from the FAOL fly of the week entries. I found a fly by a fellow named wetfoot. From research I don't believe he is still a member.

The fly is called Alpha - Omega and is touted as being a super product for steelhead. The more I looked at this fly the more I thought it would work on crappie and perhaps bass. I tied up some in different colors and hopefully will get a chance to try them come spring. I tied them on a Mustad 9672 size 10 in orange, yellow and brown.

You can go to the search feature and enter Alpha and the fly will be on the top of the list.

I would like to get your opinion as to using this fly for warm water critters and if so in what size.

Thanks: Tim

PS - if they don't work on crappie I guess I could go to the Rogue River and try for Steelhead.