Bird dog, in a word yes, every large fly fishing company has to start some place. I remember when Sage first started they did not have the name they do now. for every Orvis or Hardy there are 20 that fail to last more than 10 years. Look back at old FF magazines 70's or 80's a lot of those companies even some big ones have gone by the way side. So if it is something you want and is quality go for it. One piece of advice if it is a rod cast it, a fly rod is the most personal piece of equipment, what I or anyone else like you may hate.
on another note, not rtying to scold anyone. But Byron the Sintrix is the name of the graphite not the nano silca binder. Gloomis, St.coix, and TFO all use the silca nano binder in some of their rods. the actual silca nano thermoplastic is a 3M product deveolped for aircraft. I guide out of a shop that sells Hardy along with a buch of other rod brands. I use Hardy becuase I have alway had a soft spot for thier reels and I fell in love with the Zenith rod when I cast the prototype on the shop pond a few years ago. It did not evn have a name yet or production date but I put my name in for one, now I have several.