I posted a few reports this spring and then disappeared. I accepted an internship where I had limited access to internet and even less access to trout streams. Thankfully I made it back to the Black Hills over the Thanksgiving weekend and found a few hours to get out on the water.

Went to one of my favorite holes, only to find that the devastating blizzard the Black Hills suffered the first week of October had deposited several trees in the water where the fish usually were. I tried a few runs around the pool to no avail. Eventually I moved to a new spot and on my first cast hooked up with this fat little rainbow trout... errr creek chub (because I remember learning that there are no trout in the Black Hills).

thanksgiving rbt.jpg

While fighting the fish I realized that my waders were no longer waterproof. Despite the fact that the air had reached a cozy 60 degrees, the water was still absolutely frigid. I gave the spot two more casts before the loss of feeling in my foot convinced me to head back to dry land.

Considering I hadn't seen a trout nearly all summer, I considered the trip an immense success.

Tight lines