Tomorrow's high is supposed to be a balmy 70F, with temps staying above 50F tonight. Following last week, when several days struggled to break the freezing mark, this is a welcome change in the weather, however shortlived it might be.

As a result of the warm-up, I intend to spend at least a little time at my backyard creek ( to prove that the smallmouth and sunfish do not abandon the stream during the winter. The last fish I caught was November 2 and the water temperature dropped significantly shortly afterward. In other years, I don't believe I have ever caught a fish in this stream during the months of November-February.

My planned approach is to use a float-n-fly in the moderate depth eddies along the bank and behind bolders, with a virtual non-retrieve. The fly may vary, but will probably be a deer hair or bucktail streamer of some sort in dull colors to match the brown and gray minnows that are around. I will be most available in the hour after dawn and several hours after dusk, though I may have a chance to sneak down during the day at some point.

If anyone has additional advice about flies, techniques, time of day, etc., I'd love to hear it. Time is of the essence, Sunday's high is forecast to be 33F with freezing rain. Wish me luck.