More fun with Punxsutawney Phil

hook - TMC 5263 #6
thread - UTC 140 yellow
tail - hackle fibers orange
body - tinsel gold
rib - wire UTC brassie gold
wing - woodchuck
hackle - orange

Part 1

mash barb, cover front half of hook with .015 non-tox; stop about 2 hook-eye lengths short

start thread and tie in wire on underside of hook; wrap back to point above barb

measure a clump of hackle fibers (hook gap length), and tie in

overwrap tail butts up to lead wraps, trim and create smooth underbody

tie in tinsel at front, wrap to tail and back to tie in; trim

spiral wire rib forward; helicopter end and cover with thread wraps

even tips of a clump of woodchuck on skin; cut but don't comb out underfur - supposed to add a bit of body to the wing but I must have a piece of longhair Woodchuck (very rare) because not much of the underfur shows