hook - Orvis 1645-00 #8
thread - Danville 6/0 black
tag- oval tinsel gold
tail - hackle fibers red
body - floss green
rib - oval tinsel gold
shoulder - peacock herl
wing - grey squirrel tail
hackle - grizzly

Just messing around after watching some Davey McPhail vids; the wing tie-in shown here (swiped that idea from an article by John Shewey for a low buildup wing) turned out to be unnecessary here but something I'll file away for a later date

Part 1

mash down barb, open up hook eye a bit; start thread

clean, stack a clump of squirrel tail; measure for length

insert in gap at hook eye, tie in with tips facing forward; trim butts and smooth with thread wraps

tie in tinsel; wrap back a bit beyond hook point, then back up to point