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Thread: Pontoon Question

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    guess I better be careful IF I ever make out there huh. sorry for the TJ.

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    Thanks for all the feedback! I've caught fish from a float tube in stillwater. I guess most of my concern is trying to land a fish if any sort of obstacle is ahead on the river I suppose if it comes down to it losing a fish isn't the worst thing compared to flipping a pontoon.

    It sounds like a large portion of the solution is knowing the water ahead of time, which is difficult since so much of the land is private and its hard to get to know a river with a single pass.

    I guess we'll have to stop and fish the public land we can, and float fish while keeping an eye downstream.

    and to Jimp, no worries about the 'tj'. Its good to know the Wyoming stream access laws in case you ever find yourself wetting a line there.

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    Fishing from a pontoon on a river is just fine. Be sure to understand the trespass laws of the stream being fished. Some states like MT pretty much give you free range to anchor up in the water or beach your pontoon for some wade fishing as long as you stay below the high water mark.

    Others, like WY, are much more restrictive in that the land owner has title to the river bottom and any anchoring, beaching, or wade fishing can be prohibited.

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