Weekly Fraser Valley Sport fishing column; Dec 1 to 8, 2013

Continuing on from last weeks books suggestions, we list of books on for specific angling topics.

For the angler who likes to build it him or herself: Popular Mechanics How To Tempt A Fish by Hearst books; Rod Building Guide by Tom Kirkman; Making Wooden Fishing Lures by Rich Rousseau; How to Make Your Own Fishing Lures by Vald Evanoff; The Complete Book of tackle making by Boyd Pfeiffer; Beginner's Guide to Flytying by Chris Mann and Terry Griffiths; Fly Tying Made Easy for Beginners by Randall Kaufmann; Fly Patterns by Randall and Mary Kaufmann; Fly Tying For Trophy Trout by Jack Shaw.

For the anglers with an interest in piscatology (the science of sport fishing): Moon Up Moon Down by John Alden knight; What Fish See by Colin J Kageyama; The Master Angler by Phil Radibeau.

For the angler interested in perfecting skills and techniques for traditional and exotic fish species: Fly Fish The Trout Lakes by Jack Shaw; The Gilly by Alfred Davey; In The Ring Of The Rise Vincent C Marinaro; Dynamic nymphing by George Daniel; Fly Fishing For Summer Steelhead by Forrest Maxwell and John Shewey; Advanced Fly Fishing For Steehead by Deke Meyer; Fly rod steelhead by Bill Stinson; Fly-Fishing Coastal Cutthroat Trout by Les Johnson; The Estuary fly Fisher by Steve Raymon; Fly Fishing In Saltwater by Lefty Krey; Fly Fishing For Pacific Salmon by Les Johnson and Pat Trotter; Carp On The Fly By Barry Renolds, Brad Befus and John Berryman; Fly Fishing For Bass by Lefty Krey; Largemouth Bass Fly-Fishing by Terry and Roxanne Wilson; Pike On The Fly by Barry Renolds and John Berryman; Crappie Fly Fishing by Terry and Roxanne Wilson.

Next week I will move onto other practical gift ideas for the anglers on your list.

The Report

It is going to be very cold on our lower mainland lakes and ponds over the next while; most will be under ice by the weekend. We suggest you postpone your lake fishing until warmer weather returns.

The Fraser River is fishing slow to fair for Dolly Varden and cutthroat. For Cutthroat try: Professor, Anderson Stone, American Coachman, Rolled Muddler, Black Gnat, Griffith Gnat, Zulu, Hares Ear, Renegade, or Irresistible. For Dolly Varden try: Zonker, Flat Black, Big Black, Eggo, Clouser's Deep Minnow, Bucktail, and Lefty's Deceiver.

The Vedder River is slow to fair for Dolly Varden, and rainbow. For rainbow try: Czech nymph, Kaufmann Stone, Hares Ear, Big Black, Wooly Bugger, Eggo, Zulu, Soubou, Irresistible, Elk Hair Caddis, Tom Thumb, Black Gnat, or Renegade.

The Harrison River is fair for coho, and cutthroat. For Coho try: Rolled Muddler, Tied Down Minnow, Coho Blue, Bite Me, Christmas Tree, green Wooly Bugger, Egg Sucking Leach, Eggo, or Big Black.

The Thompson River is fair to good for steelhead, and rainbow. For steelhead try: Steelhead Nightmare, Big Black, Flat Black, Kaufmann Stone, Rolled Muddler, Steelhead Bee, Irresistible, October Caddis, or Stimulator.