I like streamers during the day and you can still catch an evening topwater bite around dusk until the water freezes. The bass will keep in the deeper warmer water holes most of the time but they will venture into the shallows to feed all winter long, even under the ice. When fishing through the ice I always throw a tip-up trap in the shallows where I think the fish are moving into the coves to feed and always produce fish on them.

I like big flies with lots of built in action and keep my retrieves on the slower side. Depth of retrieve varies. I have learned not to just key into always fishing deep. It is a good tactic but not the only one you should key on. In the winter I like to look for warm sunny days, better if fishing after a few warm sunny days and target sunny shallow coves mid day to late day. An exposed rock will heat up and the water around it on a sunny day. Sometimes it only takes a single degree change to get fish active.

Being in the southern part of the state without naming water bodies specifically I would look into waters that feed herring runs, just make sure you maintain legal distances from any fish ladders. There is a lot of bait moving in and out of these waters from the ocean all winter long and the freshwater bass key into them. They are some of my favorite waters to fish because they don't get a lot of traffic and are quite small. I have caught striped bass and largemouth bass from the same body of water during the same outing just a few yards apart.