Come tax time, I'm thinking about adding a 2wt or 3wt stick to my arsenal, probably about 6 - 7' long. I'm thinking more Bluegills and other sunnies. However, Trout are an option, as one of main places I'm going to use that pole is stocked with Trout in the Winter.

I might be doing some bank-fishing with it, but I'm thinking this will primarily be used in my kayak. One of the spots I plan on using it is fairly tight-quarters; an inundated creek that feeds a small lake. The creek ranges from 25 - 15' wide, has straight runs that vary from a hundred feet long, down to 20' at the head of the creek. There are some overhanging branches in places.

I've taken both my 8wt and 5wt into those spot, and used each to catch fish. I have had to roll-cast a few times, due to the cover.

I just read the thread about DT lines. That got me to thinking. Do I want to use a WF line, or a DT line? Will DT lines float?

I know I mentioned panfish and trout. However, a couple months ago, I paddled my kayak up there, and spooked some decent Carp on multiple occasions. I don't normally target them, but, well, you never know. Should I expect break-offs, or will one or both of those poles be too light to handle one, should I connect?