I was visiting a small southern California stream back in the spring and photographed some of the residents. Although my yearlong California Adventure has been over for months and I may never return to this stream, I?ll just call it Bonita Creek. It's a shame that I found this during my last week in California, after my fishing license had expired.

Bonita Creek.jpg

Upon returning home, I noticed that one of the pictures was clearly NOT a Rainbow Trout, the typical fish of most of the area streams. At the time, I assumed it was a Brown trout. A recent review of my pictures however, made me raise my eyebrow as I noticed a very distinct white edge on one of the lower fins.

Trout resized.jpg

Is this just a Brown Trout with some light hitting it in a strange way, or is this a hybrid? I am uncertain whether there are Brook Trout present in this stream; they don't seem to be mentioned in the limited literature I can find on it.