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    my philosophy regarding $$$$$$ fishin stuff, I POPPED. About a week ago, to my surprise, I received a payment from a client who went through some hard times about 10 years ago. About that LONGago, VERY apologetically, he informed me he would be unable to pay me the balance due ( approx $1200 of a $9000 total ). He did state that when times got better, he would make good his debt. Basically I lost nothing except the additional $1200 in profit. All help was paid and in reality, NO BIG DEAL. December 23, last year, I received a check for $1600 from him with an accopanying note stating that he was very sorry for any inconvenience he may have caused me and a sincere THANK YOU for understanding. I sent him the $400 difference so fast his head would probably spin with also a note expressing my appreciation for fortifying my faith in mankind ( actually I just simply appreciated the gesture).
    Long story short, I took the enexpected funds and popped for an Orvis Hydros somthinorother outfit complete with matching reel, line etc. So NOW, having expended funds WAAYYYY over what I deem "sensible" I fully expect full creels henceforth. By the way, it's a blue one and it arrived today ( Ukrainian Christmas eve and we DO celebrate same)

    PS: It's a 9', 4 pc, 4 wt with Hydros I Titanium filled WF, large arbor reel.
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    THAT being said, I'd rather be in Wyoming.

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