You don't really say what kind of waders you have. Neoprene might hold more moisture/water than Gortex/breathable types.

Typically I can remove my breathable waders, turn them inside out so the inside dries out, then reverse them so right side is out and it dries (i.e. booties dry )--takes about 8 hours. Works great if fishing all day and then traveling the next.
Then I just put them in my luggage with no worries. The boots however are wet and heavier and won't dry quickly.They need to go into a garbage bag or bags - I like the heavy duty contractor type bags -and placed in the duffle bag. One big consideration is he overall weight of your luggage and the airline wt. limit. The wet boots can push you over the limit.

I fish Alaska every fall and we always have to leave enough leeway for the return trip in terms of the wet gear and th 50lb limit per bag -- especially if it is a rainy year.