ASF Survey ? with PRIZES
Whether you have looked through a single copy of the Atlantic Salmon Journal or are an avid reader, we are interested in getting to know you better, and to find out more about what you think should be in the magazine. To help, we are offering prizes including a rod, and Patagonia vests.

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Serious Off-Season Salmon Stuff in NL
Excellent article about the Species-at-Risk Process and 3-week Aquaculture Consultation both taking place now. The first ends Dec. 15, the second Dec. 13.

SPAWN Believes in Salmon Conservation and Equal Access
An interesting letter of response from SPAWN, worth a read.

Maine Salmon Farming an Example to Emulate
While the long term solution to open net pen salmon farming?s impact on wild salmon is to bring the farms on land, Maine?s system has many controls that should be used in Canada and elsewhere.

Alex Morton on the Federal Government
This researcher and activisit has brought to the Public?s attention many of the problems associated with government control of aquaculture. In this nine-minute video she describes some of the immediate problems we are faced with ? and questions government transparency on the problems.