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    Here are a bunch of more view points on this subject from various authors:

    Some people in the link given above are trying to equate this issue with the catching of more or less fish, which I feel is more or less beside the point. I do feel that the corkless grips transmit more information to the angler. On my cork grip rods I choke up on the grip so that my index finger is placed on top of the rod blank to gain as much feedback as I possibly can, but that hand position is not always the best one for what may be your preferred casting hand position on the rod. On the corkless grip rods, you get all that info no matter where your hand is placed on the grip. And as for the smaller diameter of the corkless grip rods, depending on the rod chosen, the diameter can be nearly to equivalent to the cork grip rods. And for the rods that do have the skinner grips, and most of the shorter rods do have skinny grips compared to cork griped rods, modifying your rod grip so that the finger tips carry most of the load, with the palm serving mainly as a stabilizer rather than as a gripping element of the hand, will eliminate most if not all of the possible cramping. And fishing a rod that weighs half or less as much as a cork gripped rod sure reduces hand, arm and muscle fatigue significantly over the course of a long angling day, not to mention being a hell of a lot more fun to fish with in my opinion. But that's for you to decide for yourselves.
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