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    Yes, you are correct Golden. I do own both gripped rods e.g. cork, foam, wood and rattan gripped rods as well as a few non-gripped or graphite gripped rods. I find inherent qualities in all of them, 20 something of them now and counting. So I really don't have a preference as to one style of rod over the other. I do have a preference as to where I will use such rods and how I will fish with them though. I now choose my rods for an intended purpose, but to be quite frank, in the beginning that wasn't always the case. For instance; I will not use my Amago for tenkara techniques with unweighted flies, coupled with manipulation, anymore. The rod is a beast and I have become spoiled. It's no longer an enjoyable outing in that style with the Amago. But it's a great big fish and/or nymphing rod. I would rather go shorter and lighter for a tenkara day. Coincidentally I wouldn't use my Sagiri 39 for anything other than kebari or dry fly's and for small fish up to 12". But, it would be a crime IMO to put a size 10 beadhead or a woolly bugger on the end of that rod. They would overload it and make for a horrific outing with the Sagiri 39. Again this is IMO.
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