They are really not all that complicated. There may be a few steps more to them than standard flies, and new materials that will take a little getting used to. Otherwise not hard if you tie deliberately, not relying on rhythm.

Nymph Skin is a wide strip of latex that is quite thick. It stretches, so body profiles can be made by adjusting tension as you wrap. Steve Thornton (who started Virtual Nymph) does a caddis pupa using this method which has an air bubble trapped in the abdomen to make it buoyant. When I first saw it I thought it would be difficult, but it is really quite easy to do.

There is a FOTW I did some months back using Nymph Skin here. That should give you an idea what it is like to work with.

Steven, as for self esteem remember I make a good part of my living from tying, and, though these are intended as fishing flies, their primary aim is to catch fishermen. As I have often said, "I've never had a fish pay me for a fly!" Also they are show flies. You don't go to a show to see the mundane. I have had the privilege to be next to Hans on tiers row at a show for two days, that's a very hard act to follow!