I have been fishing an egg pattern and a caddis pupa both tied on a size 12 Daiichi 1130. Thanks to West Va's october stocking of some large fish and coinciding with deer season which has greatly reduced fishing pressure, I have had the opportunity to hook up with several sizable (several 16"+ and one big hook jaw 18"+) bows. I have been really pleased with how well this hook gives solid sets, and I have yet to have one bend. The hook has generally stayed set dispite lots of jumps and head shaking by these fish. I do keep a file handy and keep them sharp. This hook is listed as 1x fine. I had some store brand scuds that did bend that resulted in lost fish so I have been buying Daiichi to try to get better quality.

So here is the question: does 1x fine hooks give better sets since they penetrate so well? This alone would seem to justify the higher costs of these hooks since I dont seem to be giving up anything on the strength side. Or maybe its the wide gap or super sharp or some other property of this hook that makes the sets so strong.