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    Default Swap Of The Month 2014

    It's that time again. I have been administrating this swap for the last few years, since Bassman passed-on (this was his swap), but if anyone else would like to take over, I'm OK with it. Otherwise, I will continue.

    The rules are simple:

    We sign up 12 tyers (or more..if needed), and they each get a turn hosting for 1 month. I'll create a roster showing who is up for what month. The host for that month gets to set the theme (ie: streamers, trout files, dry flies, bass flies, bugs, minnows, Wulf Patterns, Catskill Patterns, etc...), anything you want. You can even specify materials such as Pheasant tail only, marabou, foam, etc...

    Once that is done, you can pick a pattern within that theme that you want to tie for that month, and let the host know what you will be tying. Then, we all tie 12 each of our selected pattern, and send them to the host, with toe tags and return envelope and shipping. The host will then sort them into sets of one each of every pattern, and return a set to each tyer. So each month, you will get a set of 12 different (and great) flies.

    There are just a few catches: You have to commit for the whole year. And the host sets the deadline for when flies are due, and what to do about late flies. We are usually pretty lenient and laid-back, but it's up to the host for that month.

    This is one of the most fun swaps on FAOL, and I can almost promise that your fly tying skills will improve greatly. We've been running for over 5 years, and each year gets better.

    Deadline for sign-up will be Dec 23rd, so get in while you can. The first 11 gets it (I am already in....).

    1. Gigmaster
    2. Captain Mortis
    3. Rick Z
    4. jwb1977
    5. sjo
    6. Bob9
    7. gmac209
    8. billhouk
    9. Icemanxxxv
    10. CharlainC
    11. RexW
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