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    Default Bloody Butcher Salmonfly SBS

    Found this in Trout Flies of the West. Original (tied by Ray Babineau) body was red/yellow hackle wrapped/trimmed; after playing around with the Strawman caddis, I figured I'd try it with deer hair in split thread. Practical? maybe not so much, but fun? yes.

    hook - Tiemco 5212 #4
    thread - UTC 140 red
    egg sac - 2mm foam black
    body - deer hair red/yellow mix
    wing - elk hair
    head - elk hair

    Part 1

    mash barb, attach thread at 75% mark and wrap back to point above barb

    apply a little Super Glue and tie in foam strip; fold over to create egg sac and cover with thread

    cut clumps of red and yellow deer hair, mix and grab with clip; don't use too much or it won't spin properly in the thread loop

    split thread, insert deer, and spin bobbin

    sweep fibers back as you wrap the "hackle" forward

    lather, rinse, repeat as needed

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