I am a pro musician, and have several guitars, which means I have to change strings often. I have always hated throwing them away, but the only use I ever found for them was using the Phosphor Bronze 1st (E) strings for weed-guards on lures and flies, and metal leaders for saltwater fishing. All the other Bronze strings are too stiff to be able to wrap around a hook. Well, I changed the strings on my classical guitar the other day, and decided to try to use the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd strings (nylon) for flies (on a classical guitar, these are all the same diameter......)

The result was a great looking bluegill buster pattern. The string gave the body some incredible definition and segmentation. I tested it out in the river behind the house, and all the fish tried to destroy it, Redears, sunfish, SM Bass, a few trout, and even a crappie (which I didn't even know was in there...) all attacked it with murderous abandon. Since this was the 3rd string (G), I am calling the fly the G-String.


Hook: #10 2X Nymph
Thread: Red 6/0 Unithread
Eyes: Large Bead Chain, tied Clouser-style
Tail: White Sparkle Craft Fur
Underbody: Red Unithread
Outer Body: Used Nylon Guitar String, in this case, the G-String (3rd)
Hackle, black Craft Fur in a dubbing loop
Legs: medium black rubber legs