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Thread: Great video of a trout taking a fly

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    Default Great video of a trout taking a fly

    This was shot by a guy from western NC who is in Utah shooting films for TV. The following is copied from his post:

    So as many of you know I film a show for World Fishing Network and Sportsman Channel (starting Jan 1 2014). We are currently in Utah wrapping up a show with Lance Egan. We found a rainbow hanging in the side channel on the provo river. We snuck up and dangled our nymphs. The fish made a b line but broke off right away. Just for fun we said lets try to get it in slow motion on our camera. The next time he passed we dangled the fly and fish literally came out of the water. And the best part....we captured it in HD at 240 fps (super slow mo for non camera nerds). Here is a link to the video....its really cool.
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